1983 a red Mercedes 240D was the start-up capital of the Tütüncübasi brothers. The proceed from the sale flowed into the newly founded Kardesler Mezbaha GmbH. Opposite the wholesale market hall in Frankfurt am Main, the success story of a Turkish guest worker family began with a small butcher´s shop.

Just in time the potential of the Döner Kebap was recognized and Karmez switched to the production of Döner Kebap. Soon after, the expansion of the company came up with a branch office in the Schichaustraße until 1996 the entire company moved to the Flinschstraße.

To the plausible business idea to industrialize the craftsmanship, came special conditions that favored the rise to the leading producer in Europe.

With hard work, discipline and the unwavering will to succeed , the brothers built a company which is a successful Group in Europe today. This owes the company especially its 500 employees.

KARMEZ Dönerfabrik GmbH can proudly look back on 31 years of market leadership, without losing the eyes from the future, because for the future, the company is well equipped with new products.